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Rose Dickinson – Guest Potter

Since graduating from UCA many years ago Rose spent her working life as a designermaker and ceramics teacher. In 2010 she established a new workshop at Creek Creative in Faversham producing handmade porcelain & stoneware.

Rose is inspired by the natural world in general and the flora and fauna of the North Kent Marshes in particular. She uses the structure & textures found in natural forms juxtaposed with textures from found objects to produce several collections of work, all of which are both decorative & functional.

Her collections include a range of porcelain domestic ware, clocks, buttons, brooches & large seashore bowls and a collection of pots for plants, which includes large succulent dishes. All of Rose's pieces are individually made and unique.

In this general catalogue we publish just a few examples of Rose's work, with most of the exhibits currently available being shown in our website shop.  


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